High Hedges

The height of hedges between neighbouring homes can sometimes be the source of dispute or discord.

The Law governing complaints about high hedges is contained in the Anti Social Behaviour Act 2003. This Act gives Local Authorities the power to deal with complaints about hedges which are having an adverse effect upon a neighbour’s enjoyment of residential property.

The Local Authority can investigate relevant complaints and where appropriate, issue a Remedial Notice. Failure to comply with the Notice can result in prosecution and fines. The powers of the Notice are limited: a reduction in height to a level which will remedy the problem can be ordered, but cannot require either the complete removal of a hedge or even a reduction in height below the level of 2m.

As a rule, the questions of loss of light, intrusion and nuisance will be the main topics to consider. We can help you.... give us a call without obligation. We make no charge for the initial consultation and will be happy to talk to you on matters of this type (including Boundary Disputes) so that you can decide whether you need to engage our services or not. Sometimes you can settle these matters on your own, but sometimes it is better to engage a surveyor who will not be emotionally involved and will endeavour to achieve a resolution, mediating between the neighbours in a friendly and approachable manner throughout.

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